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google news for publishers

The new Google Publisher Center is a union of two existing Google features, the Google News Publisher Center and Google News Producer. It combines the best of each platform and adds several new features to the mix including multiple accounts and users, site monetization and adding pay role. This article explains what is google news for publishers and how to submit your website to Google publisher center.

Google News for Publishers

Google News allows users to know more about you and contact you. The Google News experience includes great branding and revenue opportunities such as advertising and subscription sales optimized through Google Subscriptions.

You can use Google News to reach new audiences and attract large numbers of news readers to your site.

With Google News for publishers, users can:

  • Find current events, news around the world, and a wide variety of content from multiple publishers.
  • Subscribe to specific topic and news providers.
  • Read content online or offline.
  • Organize bookmarks and share articles.
  • Customize content in your About section.

How does Google News for Publishers Work?

Google News is a news aggregator that processes a private stream of the latest news articles and articles from the last 30 days.

Google News articles can be featured in other Google products, such as:

  • Google News Feed
  • Top Stories section on the SERP page
  • The “News” tab on the SERP page

What is Google News Publisher Center?

Publisher Center is an interface that helps publishers submit, manage, and monetize their content in Google News. It allows to publish site on google. Google Publisher Center will make it easier for publishers to manage their content on Google News products. Publisher Center combines two existing tools, Google News Producer and Google News Publisher Center, thereby enhancing its practicality and functionality.

Versions of Google News Publisher Center

Google published the original version of Google News Publisher in 2014.

This platform was created to help accredited news publishers manage articles directly from the Google News portal after reviewing their website using Google Webmaster Tools.

Six years later, Google Webmaster Tools no longer exists. We now have a search console as well as several new reports and tools to help you navigate the complex SERP landscape.

After a long line of features and algorithmic updates, Google ended 2019 with a few updates to its publishing platform.

Features of Google News Publisher Center

  • New features in the Publisher Center include an easier way to manage the identity of your posts, like updating light and dark theme logos.
  • It also provides an easier way for people with multiple posts to organize and switch between them, especially with improved permission settings that make it easier to collaborate with co-workers.
  • Additionally, publishers can now specify the URL of their website section instead of an RSS feed to configure a section in Google News.
  •  News content will now come directly from the web such as search.

How Google News Publisher works

You can submit your website to Google news publisher in a few simple steps. You need to register through the Publisher Center to be on the Google News leader boards. However, this has several advantages:

Content and Branding Controls – Design, tag and customize the sections and content of your Google News posts.

Income Opportunity – Your website may display advertisements in your content area of ​​the app. Google News supports display of advertisements through Google Ad Manager, including ads with premium solutions.

Steps to Publish Website on Google News Publisher Center

1. Open.

2. Choose the account that your Google search console website is linked to.

3. On the left side panel click “add publication”

google news publisher submit

4. Publication Settings

  • General

Provide publication name and Primary website  and location

(While adding your primary website URL, there has an option to verify your website using Google search console. Once the property is verified, proceed to the next step.)

Additional website URL

Add subdomains linked to the primary website if necessary.

Contact information:

Provide your email address and get it verified.

google news publisher submit
  • Visual

Add your website logo in the recommended shape.

google news publisher submit

5. Setting up Google news

On the home page , click Google news.

Provide basic information like short description about your website.

Select the publication category from

  • Business
  • Latest
  • Sports
  • Arts & Culture
  • Politics
  • Fashion

Select the distribution and Google properties to be allowed.

Enter the Google analytics tracking code for your property ( website)

Click next  and choose the mode :

Users can add sections of their RSS feed, YouTube channel, or custom feed.

google news publisher center

Content Labels

Content labels represent the categories you use on your own website when posting news articles or blogs.

Labels can be added to your entire site or specific areas, and provide Google with more information about what type of content is on your site. Labels include blog, satire, press release, user-generated, and opinion.

google news publisher center

6. Review and publish your content

This is where the publisher can do a final review before submitting the content for the bot to review.

You can review the draft and fix any issues that could cause Google to reject your entry.

google news publisher center


Google News is reserved for websites and blogs that publish the latest articles. They don’t have to be news sites, but if you keep posting decent content, you might get approved.

The Google News Publisher Center tool allows you to share your content with Google News by submitting an RSS feed, website URL, or video. To provide the best experience for your readers, you can choose between direct control and traffic using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or a special type of input content.

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