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LinkedIn email extraction for free

There are many people, organizations, and companies involved in email marketing today. Their websites need to build large email lists in order to send emails effectively. Additionally, as a company, you may need to send customer service emails to other companies to inquire about their services. When you’ve made the decision to send a cold email to your customer you will try to find their email address. This article guides you on how to extract email addresses from LinkedIn using free email extractor tools.

Understanding Email Finders and Email Extractors

What is LinkedIn Email Finder?

LinkedIn Email Finder tool allows you to extract email addresses from LinkedIn account and convert it to an email address. Some of the work is done in the background of the email search engine on LinkedIn. This allows high accuracy after you provide certain information to find someone’s email address.

How does a LinkedIn Email Finder Work?

  • Checks the user’s first name.
  • Checks the user’s last name and verifies the company where the user works.
  • After LinkedIn Email Finder collects this information, LinkedIn can search many different databases to find email addresses.
  •  The tool must ensure that the email address offered matches their account.
  • Oftentimes, the tool will also perform some checks to see if the email address is valid.

Some Free Finder Tools

1. Getprospect LinkedIn Email Finder

2. AeroLeads

3. Snov Email Finder

4. SalesQL Email Finder

1. Getprospect LinkedIn Email Finder

This email finder can provide a company email list, position, industry, LinkedIn account URL, company name, website, and more.  Get prospect has a Google Chrome extension that you can use to search for emails from your LinkedIn account. It also has an advanced search tool for creating custom email contact lists.

 get prospect email finder

Best features:

  • Simple and easy user board.
  • Allows you to import and export contacts.
  •  Database integration.
  • This email finder can find your email and phone number from your LinkedIn account.

2. AeroLeads

AeroLeads formulates a list of eligible B2B companies,  along with their email addresses and other important contact information. This is one of the best tools for finding emails.

Best features:

  • Extracting user data is one of the best features of this tool.
  • Find emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn.
  • Find emails by name.
  • CRM integration

3. Snov Email Finder

  • It has an email verifier.
  • Find email by name, URL, Google search result, and from LinkedIn using chrome extension.
  • Bulk Email Finding.
  • Domain Search.
  • Find the email from social profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • CRM integration.

4. SalesQL Email Finder

SalesQL is one of the most popular low-cost email finders. This email search tool is useful for recruiting agencies, lead generation agencies, and B2B sales teams.

LinkedIn email extractor chrome- salesql email finder

Best features:

  • Database integration
  • Data import and export.
  • Export bulk data.
  • Segmentation and natural results.
  • Check email on LinkedIn.

What is an Email Extractor?

Email extraction tools can be a software, browser extension, or web application that automatically retrieves email addresses (and related contact information) for you.

You can get emails from website domains, social networking websites, and text segments. These tools automate the process to save time on generating leads. There are several e-mail retrieval tools that perform the ultimate function. (i.e) Obtain e-mail addresses automatically from content.

Features that your Email Extractor must have

  • Email Verification
  • Email Finder
  • Export the list
  • Extracts Emails from Social media profile
  • Chrome extension or plugin
  • Bulk export

How to Extract Email Addresses from LinkedIn Using Email Extraction Tools for Free

Finding and extracting email using email exraction tools is easy. Just copy and paste the email block with text. Some tools have browser extensions that you can use to check email from the websites you visit.

The email extraction tool  allows you to collect emails for your campaigns to generate leads. You can use the bulk  email checking tool. This tool saves a lot of time collecting emails. These tools can create a large list of emails in no time.

Step by step Procedure to Extract LinkedIn Email Addresses Using Free Tools

  1. Download  Google Web Extension of free tool.
  2.  Make a search using the name of the company, position, industry, or person in LinkedIn’s search bar.
  3.  Click on “Export with Email Finder” to launch the email search and save the results.
  4. Move the multiple page slider to the right to choose the number of search pages to save.
  5.  Check “Search for email addresses” to save/extract all the leads’ profiles and their emails.
  6. Uncheck to keep their profiles only.
  7.  Check “Save leads with found emails only” to save/extract the leads with emails only.
  8.  Click “Save results in the list” to launch the operation.

Some Free LinkedIn Email Extractors

1. RevDriver Chrome Extension

RevDriver gives you instant access to the most reliable companies and contact information as you browse websites. It searches LinkedIn profiles and Social profiles such as Twitter and Facebook, Company contacts, account pages, Crunchbase profiles,  Product overview pages, etc.

The best thing RevDriver has for finding and generating leads is that the free version gives you 100 credits per month per user.

RevDriver tool to extract email addresses from LinkedIn

2. Chrome Extension

Whenever you visit a website, simply click on this Chrome Hunter extension to get a list of email addresses associated with the domain you are visiting. You can also see the name of the link to their email address and their opening hours. With the free version of the app, you get 50 free searches per month.

3. Email Extractor Pro

With this free email extractor tool, you check your customer’s email, look up phone numbers, and other contact information. Enter the relevant keywords for your search and Email Extractor Pro will collect all accurate information from popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

This software is great for small businesses and startups as it allows you to find emails without investing too much.

LinkedIn email extractor chrome -email extractor pro

4. is the tool that helps you find people’s B2B email addresses on LinkedIn. The web extension can be integrated into LinkedIn or Sales Navigator to find verified email addresses of your customers.

This extension can be used with Chrome and Firefox. Free for 150 emails and one user per month.

5. Apollo LinkedIn Email Extractor

This is a free LinkedIn email extraction tool and B2B lead generation tool. You can find email and phone numbers through your LinkedIn account.


  •  Direct  CRM Click on Salesforce, Hubspot, or download as CSV
  • Maintain potential customers and business profiles
  • It’s easy to create custom filtered search lists and drip campaigns
  • Direct call function
Apollo email extractor to extract email addresses from LinkedIn

End Notes

There are so many other email finder and extraction tools that can assist you with your marketing campaign and in generating maximum potential customers. This article provides every information to extract email addresses from LinkedIn, so that you can choose the one that best suits your business and its marketing needs.

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