List of 25 Best Digital Marketing Blogs for 2021

List of digital marketing blogs

Digital marketers know that consumers are constantly changing their preferences based on what’s happening in the world around them. The job of digital marketers is to meet consumer preferences and trends. Due to COVID, companies are stepping back and considering what to do next. From business goals to marketing strategies, everything needed to adapt quickly to change. Therefore, this blog provides the list of digital marketing blogs to keep you updated.

21st Century’s Marketing Methodology

Yes, Digital marketing is the latest form of marketing. Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technology through the internet, social media, cell phones, or other digital environments.

It is also an umbrella term that covers various marketing strategies such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Compared to traditional marketing methods such as print media, billboards, and television, digital marketing is largely data driven. Many of today’s popular digital advertising platforms offer access to reports for comprehensive data analysis campaigns.

How Does Digital Marketing Improve Your Business?

Over the past 7 to 8 months, businesses across the country and in nearly every industry have been hit by the virus in a variety of ways. There are economic losses and disruptions in supply chains, which is an ongoing challenge for most businesses.  Some companies are entirely online.  For most businesses, it’s time to increase their digital presence.

Therefore, its  time for digital marketing for its role play.

Digital marketers collect and analyze data on customer behavior or different user interests to enable more personalized content and advertisements for clearly defined target groups.  Good commitment gives  good results.

The brand is equipped for long-distance using digital marketing. Common changes in any industry include the inclusion of real-time data boards and reformulating marketing strategies. This allows companies to move faster and be more flexible.

Importance of Digital Marketing During COVID-19

It is important to get a concrete picture of how the pandemic has affected the and companies in terms of their digital marketing.

Some of the most important things to be noted in business industry during Covid-19 are:

  • 65% of brands experienced a decline in sales
  • 25% of brands plan to increase their marketing activities
  • 34% have shifted their social media marketing efforts from Instagram to Twitter
  • 74% of surveyed brands have postponed their social publishing

How to be Updated With Latest Digital Marketing Trends

In order to keep updated with digital marketing trends, you must always keep track of the latest digital marketing blogs/channels/platforms related to the industry you are in. If you work with an agency or freelancer, a better thing to do is research and update the accounts you use.

At the same time, you can support self-renewal by participating in digital marketing forums and updates. Most of the websites listed here are Indian digital marketing blogs to get a better understanding and updates related to digital marketing trends in India.

Success in digital marketing has a lot to do with trying out new tools, techniques, and strategies. Feel free to experiment by testing something you haven’t tried before.

As technology changes, it is important that you update your knowledge to develop better strategies.

List of Top Digital Marketing Blogs

One of the easiest ways to be updated  is through reading digital marketing blogs. Through ongoing training and learnings, you will understand the latest digital marketing trends  available to help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Sl.NoName of the digital marketing blogsWebsiteTop catagories
1Search Engine Land Engine Optimization
digital marketing software  
Google and Bing updates
2Moz SEO,
link building,
content marketing,
SEO and Inbound Marketing
customer experience,
sales prospecting,
email marketing,
inbound marketing hub
4ContactMonkey communications,
internal marketing,
employee engagement,
digital marketing software  
5Linear Design,
market targeting,
landing pages optimization tips,
on page seo  
6AdvertiseMint and Instagram ads,
social media advertising
digital marketing software  
social media stratergies,
photo editing,
Instagram marketing
8The B&FPS strategies,
search Engine algorithms,
ecommerce seo
 on page seo    
9Duct Tape Marketing digital PR,
link building,
user experience,
ecommerce SEO,
digital marketing software    
10Social Media Worldwide media marketing tips,
ecommerce seo
on page seo  
11Ahrefs marketing,
technical SEO,
keyword research,
seo tutorials and SEO basics
12PagePotato, content marketing,
Facebook marketing campaigns
13Chainlink Relationship Marketing,
content marketing,
email marketing,
social media,
14Blue Water Marketing,
PPC (pay per click),
social media reach,
search Engine algorithms,
15Ad Hoc Marketing advertising strategies,
Google ads campaigns,
ecommerce SEO
 website optimization    
16Marketing Land media marketing,
on page seo,
website optimization    
17DataFeedWatch and Amazon strategies,
technical ad contents,
lead generation,
digital marketing software  
Facebook & Google ads,
data Insights,
Product Feed Optimization
19Search Engine 24/ 7 marketing,
search engine algorithm,
Search Engine Optimization,
website optimization,
digital tools and software,
email marketing,
google Trends.
20Search Engine Watch engine marketing,
SEO trends and PPC marketing,
ecommerce SEO,
website optimization    
21Google Webmaster Central Blog guides & Technical SEOs,
website optimization  
22Backlinko Building,
SEO tips,
on page seo
website optimization      
23Unbounce tips and A/B testing strategies, 
landing page optimization tips
24Think with Google advertising,
Google trends,
Consumer insights,
data visualizations
25SEO Book research
on-page optimization
link building
competitive research
Internet marketing

End Notes

Fields change too quickly, from what will grab your audience’s attention, to the words your customers use and how you need to reach them. It’s only tricky when you’re forced to deal with new technologies like augmented reality or social networks, whose algorithms are constantly changing.

It takes conscious and consistent effort to follow your digital marketing strategy. Apart from knowing the latest digital marketing trends, you must understand them well enough to evaluate them for your brand.

If you are so keen on implementing the correct digital marketing strategy for your business, then hire innovative digital marketing consultants.

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